Educate yourself on "elementary order" and "posindiv Capitalism".

These links can help you learn to design systems and, be healthy in body, mind and spirit and profit from value investing.


A design science based on 3 core ethics: 1. Care for each other; 2. Care for the earth; 3. (fair) Distribution of surplus.

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Gaia's Garden: a guide to.. Permaculture: Principles and.. Sepp Holzer's Permaculture.. Mycelium Running, how.. Permaculture: A Designers.. The Fifty Dollar and Up...

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72 Bricks of Permaculture.. First Earth Garbage Warrior In grave danger of falling.. Permaculture Design Keyline Design at the beach How Mycelium can help save.. Agro Rebel Bill Mollison Permaculture..

info + forum + blog The Permaculture Research Institute Regrarians Sepp Holzers Krameterhof + newsltrs + m@ilist

daily-ish Geoff Lawton (fan page) Regrarians Paul Wheaton (fan page)

Value Investing

Minimizing Risk vs Predicting the future aka gambling

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The Intelligent Investor Security Analysis The Wealth of Nations